Coach and Supervisor

I have extensive experience in counselling, training and coaching and various groups, work communities, teams, leaders and experts both in personal development and in the development of the activities of groups and teams or in creating a common organizational culture. 

I am a trained team coach, developmental business coach and I am currently studying to become a bodyoriented supervisor. My services include coaching, councelling and supervision of individuals, groups or teams/communities. 

My job is to serve individuals or communities to grow and develop, identify and achieve their goals and develop their activities. Important principles for me are appreciative and respectful interaction, curiosity and investigative orientation, and openness to new things. I listen to understand, but above all to be able to help the client understand and develop himself.

Photographer Sari Muhonen
Photographer Sari Muhonen

How do coaching and supervision differ from each other? 

Coaching and work supervision have differences, but also similarities. In short, developmental business coaching is a future-oriented, solution-oriented way to support growth and development and the related potential. Coaching processes are usually shorter than job guidance processes and have more clearly defined goals. 

Supervision focuses more strongly on the basic task of the job, professionalism and issues that need to be resolved in the present moment of the job. The goals of work supervision are often broader and the processes longer, for example a year. Both work with individuals, groups or work communities. 

In team coaching, I guide and facilitate the team's joint development process towards the agreed goal and the team's best potential. The coach's task is to pilot the process in interaction with the team and to build an operational culture of coaching leadership that helps the entire team to build a sustainable operational culture towards their own goals. 

You don't need to know in advance which of these three is the most suitable for you. Let's talk, discuss your needs and starting points. The initial discussion is always free and there are no obligations. Meetings can be held in Finnish or English, face-to-face or online.


  • Body-oriented supervisor, in training 2023-2025 by Tuntumaa 
  • Developmental Business Coach, ICF:n accredited training 2023 by Johtajuuspuhetta
  • Certified Senior Team Coach, Tiimiakatemia Global 2021
  • Master of Education (adult education) 2017
  • PhD (contemporary culture) 2010
  • Pedagogue (adult education) 2003

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"Wonderful journey! With wonderful gentleness and an open mind, helping and offering new ideas, in addition to my own. Above all, great support, with big questions. Can perceive the whole incredibly well and clearly, without forgetting the details." 

"Terhi, you are wonderfully humane and on the other hand quick-witted, the things we discuss move forward, you use suitable tools when necessary and you also give feedback to those you supervise. It is easy to stop with you and even in a busy situation, the meeting always felt like it was really worth putting the time into it." 

"As a coach, Terhi is a very dedicated and focused listener, who not only gives the coachee space to talk and think, but also probes deeper with his questions and does not get confused, even if the coachee seems to feel a little awkward around certain questions. I found Terhi's coaching to be really encouraging, even if no big words were used. I felt safe, because Terhi didn't interfere with my thought processes, but with her calmness gave me, as a coachee, free space to think through my thoughts." 

"Terhi has a strong presence and a wonderful way of conversing, it feels like you're talking to a person!"

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